Two semi-circles
Two semi-circles
COFRA: "We don't get in for the quick money".

In October 2020 Sunrock was taken over by COFRA, the holding company of the Brenninkmeijer family entrepreneurs. 'With our scale and investment power, we can help Sunrock achieve its ambition'.

This is what Jheroen Muste, chief strategy officer at COFRA, says in an interview with the editors of Solar Magazine. We keep our eyes on the horizon. We want to have a lasting positive impact on the world'.

C&A was founded more than a century and a half ago. What kind of business has developed from that?
'This company is now run by the 6th generation of the Brenninkmeijer family entrepreneurs. We have more than 60,000 employees all over the world. The group includes C&A, property asset manager Redevco, private equity company Bregal and asset manager Anthos Fund & Asset Management. However, the core of the textile business of yesteryear has never been lost. This is not a club of shareholders, we are entrepreneurs and invest in companies that want to grow and prosper. Our motto is 'In business for good'.

Sustainability and social responsibility seem to be at the centre of just about every mission statement these days...
'It's not what you say, but what you do; even if you don't always actively communicate it. In our Draiflessen museum in Mettingen, Germany, you can see a beautiful document from 1841, the year C&A was founded. In it, the founders - Clemens & August - recorded the first donations. Since then, our business activities have focused not only on creating financial value, but also on creating social value through employment, economic growth, sustainability and system change. In this, the organisation has become increasingly methodical, professional and international.'

How does this bias manifest itself in your investment choices?
'The explicit goal is to make a lasting positive contribution to society and the environment. So we always measure our activities against that yardstick, both strategically and practically. The renewable energy sector is not new to us. The energy transition has had our attention for more than two decades. Our acquisition of Sunrock is also a result of this.

Read the full article 'We're not in it for the quick money' in the December 2020 edition of Solar Magazine here.

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