Sunrock Energy

Sunrock Energy is our own energy label. We ensure that the solar energy produced by your own roof is transparent, smartly priced, flexible and within everyone’s reach.

What we offer

Certified green

A Guarantee of Origin (GO) has been issued for energy provided by Sunrock Energy. A GO is proof that the energy produced by Sunrock’s solar panels is truly renewable, clean energy.

Smarter pricing

Locally produced energy isn’t only greener, it’s also smarter. On sunny days, for example, when the solar panels generate more electricity than they normally do, the price drops. You will never be paying too much for energy provided by Sunrock Energy.

More flexible than ever

Sunrock Energy’s contracts are terminable with one month’s notice, so you’re not tied to anything. In the future, we will be even more flexible: if you consume energy smartly, you’ll be able to pay even less. This is part of our pricing structure. That’s why we call our contract ‘the contract of the future’.

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