Toward becoming better

Our approach to managing our people and evironmental impact

What Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) management means for Sunrock

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) management is one of the many terms used to describe how companies deal with their direct and indirect impacts on the environment, their workforce, the communities they interact with and on other stakeholders. Sunrock is committed to doing business in a manner that positively impacts the environment, and respects the interests of the people and communities directly or indirectly connected to or affected by our operations. This is reflected in our core values:
  • We do good
  • We are entrepreneurial
  • We enjoy the ride
  • We love winning
Our overall ESG goal as a company is to become better at how we care for people and the planet, whilst helping our business partners transition toward a cleaner energy future. You can find our ESG Policy Statement here
Our journey to becoming better at doing business responsibly starts with our employees and leadership having a strong understanding of how to put the Sunrock value to do good, and ambition to become better, into actions. Our employee code of conduct – How we work together and with others – sums up our collective conviction of what good employeeship and leadership entails. The impact of Sunrock goes beyond the direct actions and omissions of our employees and leadership. Sunrock has a vast value chain that includes the (indirect) procurement of products and services for our renewable energy projects and the broader corporate activities. We expect our suppliers to also respect people and the environment in their operations. This expectation is elaborated upon in our Becoming Better Together policy that our suppliers are expected to commit to and implement.

Within Sunrock, we have four cross-cutting ESG working groups that have collectively developed a roadmap for improving and reporting upon our ESG Performance. Four dedicated working groups with representatives from all departments within Sunrock and a steering committee – in which senior leadership is also represented – determine and implement our ESG goals and ambitions.

We engage frequently in dialogue with our suppliers to discuss how we can work closely together to realize our mutual ESG ambitions. Sunrock is active in a number of external (sustainability) initiatives with a view to learn from others and to share our good practices. We will be expanding this to also include multi-stakeholder initiatives. We are open to learning and improvement. We welcome engagement with fellow companies, NGOs and trade unions to make the renewable energy supply chains more transparent and to improve the working conditions and natural environment connected to our supply chains.

Help us become better

Do you want to learn more about our approach to becoming better? Do you know of any incidents and issues that we need to address? Or would you like to share a compliment? Reach out to our ESG Manager Manuella Appiah (she/her)

Thank you for helping us become better!


W.P. Carey