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The first large energy storage system of this size in the Netherlands!


The world of tomorrow will run entirely on sustainable power and electricity, which is why we are already working hard today, on the basis of a clear vision, innovative solutions and propositions that fit. Especially in the field of real estate and logistics, there is still a lot to be gained. A good example of an innovative solution is our project in Tilburg: a building that you can manage yourself using smart software, with solar panels on the roof that generate electricity. Part of this power is used directly, for example to charge trucks, and part is stored in a battery so that the power ‘left over’ can be used at a later date. The electrically charged trucks are then used to transport goods to their destination in the city, the so-called ‘last mile’ distribution. Moreover, you do not burden the grid, because you absorb the peak demand yourself using the battery. This also provides a solution to the problem of congestion in the Netherlands. A distribution chain like this, running entirely on 100% green power, is what we work towards every day. And we’ve only just started.

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