We can help companies and healthcare organizations with solar panels as a service

The need for sustainable energy is great. And for the future, 60 times more solar and wind energy will be needed due to the further electrification of transport and industry. At the same time, there is a large unused tonnie van grinsven (l) , jildar van der galiën potential in the form of empty roofs and other unused surfaces suitable for PV (solar panels). This offers opportunities for property owners and entrepreneurs, say Jildar van der Galiën and Tonnie van Grinsven. Sunrock makes the link.

The solar energy market is developing at a rapid pace and Sunrock is making a significant contribution to this. This service provider develops, builds, finances, operates and monitors solar parks, both on the roof and on the ground and on the water. ’We help companies achieve their sustainable ambitions and reduce dependence on fossil fuels’, says Jildar van der Galien. “The first step is a

develop a high-quality solar panel park for the customer, but afterwards we also provide storage solutions, charging infrastructure and we provide advice on smart energy consumption.’ This approach is successful. Since the start in 2012 this innovative company has grown into the market leader in large-scale solar installations on roofs. Having grown up with roofs from parties such as Prologis, DHG and tenants such as Coolblue, it is now time for the next step: roofs of commercial real estate, hospitals and healthcare institutions. Solar panels as a Service can be a solution for these parties.

They both enjoy working at Sunrock. “It’s a fantastic company with driven professionals’, says Van Grinsven. “Everyone is enthusiastic and has the will to get things done quickly and well. We want to make an impact by generating an enormous amount of electricity. Think of the equivalent for the power consumption of hundreds of thousands of households. It’s great to see that it works.’ For Van der Galiën, this employer fits in perfectly with his wish to work on a sustainable world. He realized early on that fossil fuels are a dead end, and he likes to work for sustainable alternatives. “Sunrock is a fun club with positive smart people who are motivated to make a difference,” he explains. “That gives me energy.”

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