Take the step towards a sustainable future for your organisation now.

From 28 June, the Dutch government will make 13 billion for the realisation of large-scale solar roofs.

A clean energy future

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About Sunrock

Sunrock makes
Market leader in the Netherlands Champion
of green
Everything for a CO2 neutral

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In recent years, Sunrock has become the market leader in large-scale solar installations in the Netherlands. Our sustainable energy solutions, from those we developed for the Coolblue distribution centres to VidaXL, are continuously expanded with additional property development, water and carport projects throughout Europe. We develop projects from start to finish, taking care of all aspects and staying involved even after their completion.
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How smart energy works

Sunrock does not simply trade in solar panels; Sunrock contributes its input to finding innovative and tailored solutions for its customers. A distribution centre has different requirements from a port area, after all. We make the sun work for you. From bright idea to maintenance.
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Energy from your own roof: we arrange it for you from request to maintenance. The application, the construction, everything. Good for the environment, your outside costs and the value of your real estate.

From roof to water

Energy is getting smarter


The more meters, the more impact. Are you making progress with your roof?

Land | Water

Whether it is land or water: Every plot offers opportunities for sustainable energy.

Public space

Landfill, noise barrier or sports park: together with the neighborhood we take advantage of opportunities.


From sports hall to garden center: turn your roof into a solar park.


Choose smart energy from Sunrock and benefit from transparent, flexible rates.


No two projects are alike. We can only create genuine impact through close collaboration. We share the same climate goals, after all.


With sustainable relationships we realize sustainable ambitions.

Port of Rotterdam

Making the Port of Rotterdam more sustainable by installing solar roofs and floating solar parks.

The roof of HEMA

The roof of HEMA’s DC supplies power to 600 households


CFO Group Netherlands in conversation with Esther Pool

Esther has been treasurer at Diversity Works since the beginning of 2021. This organization is committed to diversity and inclusion.

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Roofs Sunrock takes it big

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