Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) partnership Iron Mountain Data Centers
Solar panels on the Lingemeer

Can flexibility be offered to an overcrowded power grid? it can be done with stored energy.

Solar panels at ACH good for 3 Megawatt / 900 households
After an extensive safety programme, AWL in Moerdijk now has a capacity of 2.8 MW.
The first large energy storage system of this size in the Netherlands!
This is what a logistics roof should look like.
Power for 3,500 homes and grass for 80 sheep
DHG: “We want to make an impact in the Netherlands with logistics real estate”.
Getting the full potential out of real estate
With sustainable relationships, we make sustainable ambitions a reality
Making logistics property more sustainable
The roof of HEMA’s distribution centre supplies power to 600 households
Making the Port of Rotterdam more sustainable
Ecological and landscape integration for more biodiversity
Sunrock helps Zwolle navigate the energy transition and generate income from unused land
Social support and participation leads to win-win
Green energy and return on investment for Emma Footwear, Kerkrade, and its people

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