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As a leading player in the European solar energy market, Sunrock is dedicated to realising large-scale solar roof projects that make a real difference. We handle every aspect of the process, ensuring seamless execution from start to finish and facilitate the use of clean energy locally. We believe that together with our partners we can make an impact. We highlighted a few of our projects here below. Want to know more?

EU-overview (New version) v4 (1)
5.7 MWp
1.92 Ton/yr
7.8 MWp
2.62 Ton/yr
AXA - Venette
5.7 MWp
1.92 Ton/yr
Nuveen - Valence
7.8 MWp
2.62 Ton/yr
Featured projects

Improved real estate value and increased sustainability ratings due to solar power rooftop installation

One of Europe’s largest solar power rooftop installations has been brought onstream by solar developer Sunrock on PATRIZIA’s 210,000 sqm Maasvlakte logistics development in Rotterdam’s harbour area.

Successful solar energy project by Sunrock and Intospace® for Albert Heijn, Hema and Ampère (bol.com)

At a time when grid congestion is increasingly becoming a recognised problem, Intospace® wants to provide buildings with smart energy management systems and Sunrock helps to realise this ambition.

Partnership Iron Mountain Data Centers

CO2-neutral solutions facilitated by a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA). Iron Mountain Data Centers now have access to a dedicated clean energy source for one of their locations, without having to create the space, knowledge or resources themselves.

Can flexibility be offered to an overcrowded power grid? it can be done with stored energy

This sea container is full of batteries where locally produced solar energy is stored. So there is always enough energy, even when the sun isn’t shining. The generated power can also be offered on the trade market, for when you don’t need it yourself.

After an extensive safety programme, AWL in Moerdijk now has a capacity of 2.8 MW

A great collaboration to realize a licensed, fire safety project, based on an extensive safety program to meet all requirements to install solar on the roof of a warehouse for hazardous substances. With local offtake for green operations and reduced risk as a bonus.

Photovoltaics from Sunrock supplies solar power to Delta Development’s flagship property in Dorsten

Sunrock is contributing to the property’s ambitious sustainability concept. With the installed photovoltaic system, including battery storage of 1000 kWh and an intelligent energy management system, the building is supplied with climate- neutral energy.

Success: green energy on a large-scale for FlevoNice

On the former FlevoNice ice rink in Biddinghuizen, Sunrock developed a leading solar park on their site to supply green energy. The result is the creation of a 41,5 MWp of sustainable energy project on a site of 20 hectares.

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