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Work on the bright side

“I have electrified almost 25,000 households.”
Jason McNabola | Project Manager

We're on a mission

Imagine a future powered by clean energy. A smarter tomorrow.
Carried by a group of bright and entrepreneurial minds.
United by the desire to be part of something good. Something fun.
Something to be proud of. Together we’re unstoppable.

Nice to meet you, too

We’re always on the lookout for bright minds to join our team as we reimagine powering the world. Perks of working at Sunrock include competitive reward & benefit packages (yay!), and that great feeling you get when you remember you are doing meaningful work every day.


Making it happen together

As a member of the Operations team, you bring together a range of expertise to develop solar projects that companies can count on. You understand that the bank wants to fix everything, the contractor wants to build, the tenant doesn’t want any hassle and your colleagues want to make progress (and have a beer with you on Fridays). That is why you are at home in all these areas. You investigate the feasibility of a project and sit on top of a good, safe and financially feasible design. And of course you supervise the construction. From thinking along with sales to fussing with gravel, every working day is different for you. And that is what gives you energy!

Omar Aramouni
Project Manager
Foto van zonnepanelen op een dak

Commercial Development

A question of thinking with you

As a Business Developer, you are indispensable at the start of every project. Together with new and potential customers, you look for the smartest solution. From returns to subsidies, you have the answer to every question. And when the project starts, the Project Developer takes over. As Project Developer, you stay involved until the solar park is faultlessly up and running. Along the way, you take care of all the technical, commercial and legal matters involved. No matter how big the projects are, in the end it’s all about contact. Thanks to you, companies are able to look beyond the horizon and see all the opportunities of solar.

Tonnie van Grinsven
Business Developer
Innovatief experiment met energieopslag

Asset Management

Learn every day how to do it better

At Asset Management, we take care of all solar parks, from the moment they are switched on until the day they are replaced, many years later. Thanks to your efforts, our panels produce and deliver as much energy as possible every day. And that is extremely varied. One day you are on the roof checking an installation. And the next, you’re diving into data to discover how we can maintain the panels even more intelligently. Everything you learn, you share with your colleagues. This is how we become smarter together. We help more and more companies get the most out of their energy.

Asset Manager
Sunrock solar panels on a roof

Project Finance

The sun as math

A project is feasible if it can be financed. In other words: if the bank is happy with it. You work on such a financing project as a trio: a senior and junior financial specialist and a legal colleague. Besides knowing everything about your profession, you also know everything about the development of solar parks. And that is important. Because some of our projects require a little bit of risk – and that does make the banks a bit nervous. The better you can explain to financiers what is needed, the better they understand what an investment in Sunrock will yield in the long term. In terms of investment and impact on the climate.

Lotte van der Molen Kuipers
Project Associate

Our process: from contact to contract

We call you

We will call you to get to know you a little better and you will call us!

First interview

During the first interview we would like to know everything about you, your experience, expertise, motivation etc. You can also ask all your questions!

Second interview

The second and/or third interview you will meet some more colleagues and we will go deeper into your competences and experiences.


We make you an offer!

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