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This privacy statement (“Privacy Statement”) applies to all processing by Sunrock Investments B.V. and its affiliated companies (including Sunrock Development B.V., Sunrock Asset Management B.V., Sunrock Holding Deutschland GmbH and Sunrock GWS B.V.) (“Sunrock”) in the context of its services. Sunrock considers careful handling of your personal data to be of great importance. In this document we explain how we will deal with your data.
Who is responsible for processing your personal data?
Sunrock is the controller of the processing of your personal data. Sunrock decides formally and legally whether and which personal data is processed, for what purpose and in what way.
What personal data does Sunrock process and for what purpose?
Personal data are all data that can be traced back to a natural person, such as a name, a social security number or an address. Sunrock may collect and process personal data from you:

  • When you contact us by e-mail, via the contact form on the website or by telephone. This includes your name, e-mail address, telephone number and any personal data you provide us with in your message. We process these personal details in order to maintain contact with you and respond to any questions you may have;
  • When you contact us in connection with a job opening. We process the information you provide, including your contact details and your CV, solely for the purpose of the application process;
  • when you visit our website. We will process details of your visit, including but not limited to your browsing habits and location data. This data is collected and processed to enable the use of our website and to improve your user experience;
  • when you log in to our customer portal. This includes your name, e-mail address, login details, IP address, user type and company name. We process these personal data to inform you about current projects. In addition, we use Google Analytics to optimise the customer portal.

We only process the aforementioned personal data if this is necessary. For example, to be able to contact you, or because we have to fulfil legal or contractual obligations.

What are the bases for processing your personal data?
Sunrock may only process personal data about you if we have a legal basis for doing so. Legal bases for processing your personal data are:

  • your consent;
  • The processing of your data is necessary for the performance of a contract;
  • the processing of your data is necessary in order to comply with a legal obligation; and
  • when such processing is necessary for the purpose of protecting the legitimate interests of Sunrock or of a third party, in accordance with Article 6(1)(f) of the AVG, except where your interests or the fundamental rights and freedoms which require protection of personal data outweigh those of Sunrock or the third party.
Automated decision-making
When processing your personal data, Sunrock does not make use of automated decision-making.
How long does Sunrock keep your data?
Sunrock does not keep your data longer than is necessary for the purposes for which your data is processed and than is legally permitted. How long certain data is kept depends on the nature of the data and the purposes for which it is processed. If you would like more information about our retention policy, please contact us at
With whom does Sunrock share your personal data?
We expressly do not provide third parties with your personal data, unless this is necessary within the framework of the performance of the contract, if this is required by law or if you have given us your permission to do so.

Sunrock may also be obliged to provide personal data on the basis of legislation or regulations, on the basis of a ruling by a competent court, or in the case of fraud or abuse. If this is the case, Sunrock will cooperate.
Transfer of your data to countries outside the European Economic Area
To the extent that Sunrock transfers your data to a company or establishment in a country outside the European Economic Area, Sunrock has put in place appropriate safeguards. If you wish to consult these safeguards, please contact us at
How does Sunrock protect your personal data?
To protect your privacy and the confidentiality of your information, Sunrock takes appropriate technical and organizational measures. Think for example of measures such as encryption of computers and hard drives. This means that the data on these data carriers is not accessible without a password. This password is only known to the employee. In addition, confidential data and personal details are only accessible through two-factor authentication.

Sunrock also takes security measures regarding access restrictions (based on authorisations), logging, auditing, etc. We also take measures against loss of data such as backups, against fire and loss or theft.
What are your rights?
When Sunrock processes personal data about you, you have the following rights under the applicable regulations:

  • Right of inspection

You may request to see what personal data we hold. Please indicate specifically which personal data you would like to receive.

  • Right to rectification

You have the right to rectify data if it is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant to the purpose for which it is processed. We will inform the third party or parties who have received your data from us of any rectification, unless this is impossible or requires a disproportionate effort on our part

  • Right to data erasure

You have the right to have data deleted. However, we cannot always delete all requested data, as in some cases we are obliged to retain some of your data.

  • Right to restriction

You also have the right to restrict the processing of your data. The right to restriction means that we are not allowed to process your personal data (temporarily) or to change it. This applies if you dispute the accuracy of the data, if you believe that the personal data is no longer needed for the purposes or if you believe that the processing of your personal data by Sunrock is unlawful.

  • Right to object

You can object to Sunrock processing your personal data if your personal data is used for purposes other than necessary for the performance of a contract or necessary for compliance with a statutory obligation.

  • Right to data portability

If you have provided us with your personal data yourself, in certain cases you have the right to data portability. This means that we will transfer your data to you upon your request.

  • Right to withdraw consent

In the event that we require your consent for the processing of your data, you can also withdraw your consent.

If you wish to exercise your rights, please contact us at any time at We will respond to your request within one month.

We ask you to identify yourself by means of a valid ID. This allows us to verify that we are providing the personal data to the correct person.

Excessive requests for information may be rejected by us. Excessive requests are those where, for example, you contact us with requests for information that exceed the average and are necessary.
Supervision of the processing of personal data
The rules on protecting your personal data are laid down in the Personal Data Protection Act, and as of 25 May 2018 this concerns the General Data Protection Regulation. The Authority for the Protection of Personal Data (AP) supervises compliance with this law.

If you are of the opinion that the provisions of this Privacy Statement are not or insufficiently complied with by us, you have the right to submit a complaint to the AP.
About this Privacy Statement
Sunrock may amend this Privacy Statement. The last amendment was on 22 April 2021. You can always find the most recent version at

Do you have any questions or comments about our Privacy Statement? Please feel free to contact us:
Sunrock Investments B.V.
Attn. Legal
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