ESG Reports

Better and better: Sunrock’s 2023 ESG Report
A next step for a ‘just’ transition. With this next ESG report, we show once more how we are addressing environmental challenges, embracing social responsibility, and implementing inclusive corporate governance. The key takeaways include the importance of collaboration and partnerships for achieving transparency in our complex supply chain and for the shift towards “reusing” as the new form of recycling. You can find the report here: Online report 2023
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Sunrock’s 2022 ESG Report
Sunrock is in the business of making a positive impact. We consider it our mission to be part of the solution for to one of the biggest challenges of our time, the transition to a clean energy future. We want to achieve this in a manner that benefits people and planet in everything we do through our value chain and in everything we do. A task that is certainly not easy, but that Sunrock is determined to master. This 2022 ESG report, the first for Sunrock, provides transparency about our journey, endeavors and realized results.
Sunrock Climate Disclosure 2021

At Sunrock, our purpose is making renewable energy the conventional energy source for our clients.
We consider it critical, that in all aspects of our operations, we minimize our own use of fossil fuels.
Therefore, Sunrock committed to the Science Based Target Initiative in 2020, through which we measure and take action to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Read our climate report
with data on our emissions reduction progress in 2021.