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On complaints, concerns and misconduct at Sunrock

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Sunrock is a fast-growing company. And by growing we also mean: the will to improve. To become better and better, day by day. So when something is off, we want to make that right. Consequently, we want to know what’s going on and what’s going wrong, so we can learn, solve and prevent misconduct. Here’s how to speak up, no matter what.

Speak up!

What if you witness harassment, bullying, discrimination or other unfair behaviour in the workplace? Or you notice a risk or suspect corruption. Maybe you believe our codes, policies or values have been violated or think someone may have been bribed. Whatever has raised your concerns, please let us know. Anybody who experiences or witnesses misconduct can file a report. From Sunrockers to contractors, consultants or job candidates.


We understand it’s not always easy and that it requires courage to speak up. When something happens that worries you, the first step should be to talk to the individual(s) concerned. If this somehow doesn’t seem safe or doesn’t generate the right result, you can reach out to your manager, QHSE manager, HR or one of the confidential counsellors. It is up to you. In all cases, we assure you that you can do this safely.


You don’t need to be directly affected by an issue to raise it. If you prefer to address misconduct anonymously, you can use the anonymous form on our website. If you cannot access the form or do not wish to remain anonymous, you can send an email directly to LRI@sunrock.com. The form and the speak up emails go to the ESG Manager and the General Counsel. You can also request a meeting to report any concerns.


If your issue relates to the General Counsel or the ESG Manager, please address your concern directly to the Chairman of the Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee, COFRA Holding AG, Grafenauweg 10, 6301 Zug, Switzerland. Alternatively, you can send an email to


What happens next?

We will try to resolve the situation within 3 months. We process your report with utmost care and confidentiality. Any information provided is saved digitally and only accessible to the people directly involved in the reporting process and investigation. We will update you regularly on the progress, taking privacy considerations into account. If, after a reasonable time, you consider your concern has not been adequately addressed, you can raise this directly with the CEO of Sunrock. Or to the Chairman of Audit, Risks and Compliance Committee of COFRA Holding in case the report involves the CEO.


We believe speaking up is brave and important. Retaliation against anyone reporting an issue is simply not tolerated by Sunrock. The accused individual or relation will be informed about the investigation. If there is no evidence that justifies taking measures, we also protect them from any negative effects.

W.P. Carey