Improved real estate value and increased sustainability ratings due to solar power rooftop installation

Added value for real estate at one of Europe’s largest solar power rooftop installations at Rotterdam’s Maasvlakte.
In 2023 Sunrock installed a 120,000 m2 photovoltaic (PV) system on the roof of the PATRIZIA logistics centre at Rotterdam’s Maasvlakte which has a capacity of 25- Megawattpeak (MWp), enough to meet the annual energy needs of approximately 8,000 households. This project will account for around half of the total solar power output of PATRIZIA’s Dutch logistics real estate portfolio in 2023.

Sustainability ratings

Real estate funds require sustainability ratings and reliable energy data for their real estate portfolio. Buildings that lack this could be depreciated. This installation improves the value of PATRIZIA’s current and yet to be built real estate and helps to increase their sustainability ratings. Therefore, this project is an excellent example of how solar roof installations support real estate owners in their effort to reach their environmental impact goals.
Emile Poort, PATRIZIA Country Head for the Netherlands: “When PATRIZIA acquired the Maasvlakte distribution centre development in 2021 for EUR 230 million, it was the biggest single Dutch logistics real estate deal by area on record. Now in partnership with Sunrock, we have set a new sustainability benchmark with the largest single rooftop solar power installation in the Netherlands, and this is just the start of PATRIZIA’s pan-European renewable energy journey in the logistics sector. The wide rooftop areas and typically large site footprints of ‘big box’ logistics developments are ideal for the installation of PV systems. Our ambitious plans are just the tip of the iceberg, as the fast-expanding European logistics real estate industry rolls out its vast network of renewable energy production hubs, we will make a major contribution to the EU’s carbon-neutral targets and in the existential battle against climate change.”

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