Zonnepark Services Nederland reaches 1 gigawatt O&M milestone in the Netherlands thanks to Sunrock maintenance contract

Foto van zonnepanelen op een dak

Sunrock, market leader in large-scale solar installations in the Netherlands, has assigned the maintenance of a large part of its roof projects to Zonnepark Services Nederland. Thanks to the maintenance contract, Zonnepark Services Nederland breaks through the barrier of one gigawatt of signed Operations & Maintenance (O&M) contracts in the solar energy sector; a unique achievement in the Netherlands.

Roofs: Sunrock switches is up a gear

Foto van zonnepanelen op een dak

We are making good progress. Across the country, small, large and very large roof areas are being fitted with solar panels. But there is still a lot to do. A number of companies have joined this market to exploit available rooftop areas for solar energy. Starting in 2012 Amsterdam-based Sunrock has grown into the largest […]

Innovative experiment with energy storage

Innovatief experiment met energieopslag

The energy transition makes the production of more solar energy and the introduction of sustainable mobility inevitable, but it is not yet so easy for the users of buildings to find the right balance between supply and demand. Prologis and Sunrock are trying out innovative energy solutions. In the development of DC 5 in Tilburg, […]

CEO Sunrock and the biggest challenge of the energy transition

Sunrock Johannes Duijzer

In the coming months, we will talk to sustainable business leaders about the opportunities and challenges of the future economy. This time: Johannes Duijzer, CEO of solar energy company Sunrock, about the energy transition. “The real questions are: how do we get it done operationally? And where do we get the stuff?” What is Sunrock […]