Zonnepark Services Nederland reaches 1 gigawatt O&M milestone in the Netherlands thanks to Sunrock maintenance contract

Sunrock, the market leader in the Netherlands of large-scale solar installations, has assigned the maintenance of a large part of its roof projects to Zonnepark Services Nederland. Thanks to this maintenance contract, Zonnepark Services Nederland breaks through the barrier of one gigawatt of signed Operations & Maintenance (O&M) contracts in the solar energy sector; a unique achievement in the Netherlands.

Zonnepark Services Nederland, a joint venture of Chint Solar and GOLDBECK SOLAR that focuses exclusively on O&M of large-scale solar projects, will perform various maintenance activities for Sunrock, including data monitoring, preventive and corrective maintenance and periodic inspections. The roof projects will be maintained over a period of five years. 

With the signing of the O&M contract, Zonnepark Services Nederland reaches a new milestone: it is the first Dutch company in the solar energy sector to be responsible for the maintenance of more than one gigawatt of solar projects. The majority of the current portfolio of Zonnepark Services Nederland still consists of ground-mounted solar projects. With the Sunrock portfolio, rooftop projects will now also be added. As a result, the company takes an important step in further strengthening its market leading position and expanding its existing activities.

Eelco Hoogduin, Managing Director of Zonnepark Services Nederland: “I am extremely pleased that we can work for Sunrock. I’ve been in contact with Sunrock for over eight years in various capacities, right back to when they were still in a small office on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. Since then, Sunrock has grown into a leading international player occupy a pivotal role in energy transition within the Netherlands and increasingly in other countries as well. I therefore look forward to a long and successful collaboration with them. The fact that, thanks to this maintenance contract, we have broken through the barrier of 1 gigawatt of signed O&M contracts is the icing on the cake.” 

Mark Pruissen, Director Asset Management of Sunrock: “We are very pleased to grant the maintenance of this portfolio of rooftop projects to Zonnepark Services Nederland . The close cooperation between Zonnepark Services and GOLDBECK Solar gives us extra comfort. We work well together with GOLDBECK Solar in the Netherlands and abroad. The Zonnepark Services team has demonstrable their experience and a good reputation in the Dutch market. Their experience in the field of solar energy on large scale roofs also gives us confidence that both the interests of Sunrock and those of the property owners and tenants are in good hands with Zonnepark Services.

Eelco Hoogduin
+31 30 781 0000

About Sunrock
In recent years Sunrock has become the market leader in large-scale solar installations in the Netherlands. Sunrock is now expanding these sustainable energy solutions with ground, water and carport projects throughout Europe. Sunrock develops the projects from start to finish, takes care of everything and remains involved during the operational phase. Sunrock now employs more than 100 people, from developers to project managers, data experts and technicians. In 2020 Sunrock has become part of Cofra, the investment company of the C&A family Brenninkmeijer. www.sunrock.com

About Zonnepark Services Nederland
Zonnepark Services Nederland B.V. is a Joint Venture between Chint Solar and GOLDBECK Solar that focuses exclusively on ‘operations and maintenance’ of large-scale solar projects. The company currently has more than 1 gigawatt of solar projects under contract. The Joint Venture offers its customers more than 20 years of global experience in solar energy, combined with the local expertise of the company’s Dutch engineers and maintenance technicians.

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