Partnership Iron Mountain Data Centers

When you are working on building a sustainable digital future, sustainable data centers are one of the first topics to consider. From May 2023, the Amsterdam Iron Mountain Data Center will be supplied with clean energy, generated locally by two of Sunrock’s Dutch solar assets; one in Rotterdam and one in Oud Gastel.

The Sunrock asset in Rotterdam has the capacity to provide Iron Mountain with 4.4 MW of clean energy, and the Oud Gastel asset can provide an additional 1.3 MW annually. Totalling 5.7 MW of clean energy for Iron Mountain, which equals approx. 1,7 tons of CO2 reduction.

A wonderful example of a transition to innovative CO2-neutral solutions facilitated by a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) partnership. Iron Mountain Data Centers are a leading player when it comes to renewable energy, and have the ambition to power all its data centres around the world with carbon-free energy, generated locally in real-time. By partnering with Sunrock, Iron Mountain Data Centers now have access to dedicated clean energy sources, without having to create the space, knowledge or resources themselves.

Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA): prepared for volatility.

A CPPA allows Sunrock to offer direct access to a clean and local source of energy that enables a sustainable business operation and offers long-term price stability. The energy market is unpredictable, but a CPPA offers us a way to protect clients against price volatility and supply fluctuations. In this way, we can meet the growing demand for locally produced green energy and therefore help to achieve many companies’ sustainability targets.

The CPPA establishes a link between a business location and a local solar project, ensuring a stable and direct supply of clean energy. Sunrock aligns with the climate goals of regional and national governments and closely monitors regulatory developments, in order to help our clients anticipate any changes that will affect their business operations.

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