Positive Footprint Warehouse: A Next Energy Solution at The Levi Strauss & Co. European Distribution Center

Sunrock and Delta Development have successfully implemented a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) at the “Positive Footprint Warehouse” logistics property in Dorsten, North Rhine-Westphalia. This project marks the first go-live of the BESS solution in Germany and is an important step towards sustainable energy management. The system, which complements the photovoltaic (PV) installation by Sunrock, offers a continuous supply of clean energy – aligning perfectly with the project’s ambitious sustainability goals.
The “Positive Footprint Warehouse,” developed by Delta Development, features a rooftop PV system with a capacity of 3.45 MWp, installed by Sunrock. This installation alone reduces CO2 emissions by over 1,300 tons every year, equivalent to 908 single-person households. The recent addition of a 1,000 kWh BESS enhances the property’s energy efficiency by storing extra solar energy generated during peak production times. This stored energy is then available for use when not enough solar energy is produced, providing a reliable and secure supply of clean energy.
This project is truly a success story of Sunrock’s Next Energy Solutions which includes both solar power generation and energy storage. The smart energy management system, together with the BESS, ensures the most efficient use of the generated energy. This enhances both sustainability and drives long-term property value. Additionally, the system’s capability to connect with electric vehicle (EV) charging stations allows for dynamic and efficient charging solutions, further supporting the transition towards a clean energy future.
Georg Brenninkmeijer, Managing Director of Sunrock Germany, comments: “The launch of the Battery Energy Storage System is a good signal. It ensures a continuous supply of solar energy and supports the project’s sustainability strategy. We would like to thank Delta Development as well as iwell for their cooperation and look forward to playing an active role in shaping the path to a clean energy future.”
Edwin Meijerink, Managing Director of Delta Development: “‘The Levi Strauss & Co. European Distribution Center’ shows how logistics properties can be developed to the highest sustainability standards. Technological innovations are a cornerstone for this. The efficient storage of surplus solar power further increases the energy efficiency of the property and makes an important contribution to offsetting CO2 emissions for the property user. The owner also benefits from the solution through an optimised ESG ranking.”

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