Solar panels:
a sin or could never
be without them?

Switching to
renewable energy.

A solar farm on your roof. Is that profitable? We say: Yes of course. Not only for the climate and your surroundings, but also for your business itself. Because it becomes future-proof and you dont have to do it yourself. Sunrock calculates it for you. And arranges everything. From request to construction. 

How it works



Acquisition and construction

Transforming your roof into a solar farm. Probably not part of your daily work, but it is ours. That’s why we make the investment and install the entire system up until it is fully operational. So you run no risks and bear no responsibility.


Save money immediately

Producing your own energy is advantageous from day one. You save directly on the grid operation costs, because your electricity is not transported via the grid. In addition, you can opt for an inexpensive, no-frills energy contract. That will save you a lot of money on your monthly energy costs.


Ever smarter

But that’s just the beginning, together with the savings and the contribution given to you by Sunrock, in making your roof available, a budget is also created to make your energy even smarter. We can look at the options together: such as electric charging stations, insulation and battery storage.

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Start a free scan now

About Sunrock

About Sunrock

In recent years, Sunrock has become the market leader in roof-tied solar parks in the Netherlands. From the distribution centre of Coolblue to Bouwmaat. We are expanding these sustainable energy solutions with ground, water and carport projects throughout Europe. We develop projects from head to tail, take care of everything and stay involved.

about Sunrock.

Willem Slager

Director DHG
“We have chosen Sunrock because of their professional approach and their years of experience in the field of large-scale solar energy projects on roofs. The fact that we only have to make the roof available and Sunrock takes care of the rest really appeals to us.”

Arthur van Kooij

Head of Project Management Prologis Northern Europe
“Sustainability is a matter of course for Prologis. Not only to contribute to a better environment. It also makes our work more fun and interesting and ultimately leads to a better product. The cooperation with Sunrock fits seamlessly into this.”

Klanten over

Willem Slager

Director DHG
“We hebben voor Sunrock gekozen vanwege de professionele aanpak en hun jarenlange ervaring op het gebied van grootschalige zonne-energie projecten op daken. Het feit dat wij slechts het dak ter beschikking hoeven te stellen en Sunrock vervolgens de rest op zich neemt spreekt ons erg aan.”

Arthur van Kooij

Hoofd Project Management Prologis Noord-Europa

“Duurzaamheid is voor Prologis een vanzelfsprekendheid. Niet alleen om bij te dragen aan een beter milieu. Het maakt ons werk ook leuker en interessanter én leidt uiteindelijk tot een beter product. De samenwerking met Sunrock sluit daar naadloos op aan.”