Sunrock Establishes Presence in France: A New Major Player in Commercial Rooftop Solar

26 MW of Projects Under Development in France

March 19, 2024
• Dutch company Sunrock announces its strategic expansion into the French market for commercial rooftop solar energy.
• A renewable energy pioneer since 2012, Sunrock has installed over 5 million square metres of solar panels on warehouse roofs and logistic real estate across Europe.
• Following its developments in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, Sunrock France has already secured partnerships with renowned clients such as AXA Investment Managers, Panattoni, and Nuveen.

Paris (France) March 19, 2024 – Sunrock, a European company specialising in solar energy strategies, has made a significant entry into the French market. It has secured its initial projects of 14 MW through the auction held by the Commission de Régulation de l’Énergie (CRE) with key clients in France. Today, it is pleased to announce that it is adding an additional 12 MW via 5 photovoltaic energy projects to be developed on French territory. This total of 26 MW of projects under development will contribute to a clean energy future in the logistic real estate market. dans le marché de l’immobilier logistique.
Committed to a Responsible Energy Transition
Built on principles of innovation and sustainability, Sunrock offers tailored photovoltaic solutions for logistic real estate managers.

Maarten de Haas, Managing Director of Sunrock France, shares the company’s vision:
“Sunrock has established itself as a European leader in clean energy solutions for logistic real estate, thanks to our contribution over the past 10 years in developing solar solutions for commercial rooftops. Installing millions of square metres of solar panels on large real estate properties has allowed us to acquire strong expertise. This market is experiencing significant growth in France, particularly in the segment of large installations of 1 MW and above, with 338 MW connected ¹. Today, we are proud to bring our expertise to help French businesses and municipalities meet the country’s objectives: deploying 54 to 60 GW of photovoltaic solar energy by 2030, with 25% from commercial and industrial rooftops ².”
Maarten de Haas, Managing Director of Sunrock France
From European Leadership to Ambitious French Presence
Sunrock’s primary objective is to unlock the untapped potential of its clients’ properties by equipping their rooftops with photovoltaic panels.

And the company is making strides: Sunrock has currently secured 500 MWc in operation and 2 GWc of capacity under development across Europe. It particularly relies on the new obligations ³ regarding self-consumption and the need for energy storage and management systems; for example, for the efficient charging of electric vehicles in the French automotive fleet.
Maarten de Haas concludes: “The real estate world requires specialised sector expertise and great flexibility. We manage our clients’ photovoltaic projects from feasibility studies to financing, installation, and maintenance. Our goal is to offer flexibility in contracts: it’s a hot topic for our clients. We understand the real estate world, which is why our contractual terms are flexible and understandable for French real estate investors and foreign real estate investors active in France.”


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(2): EU Market Outlook for Solar Power 2023-2027 – page 67, “NECP – FRANCE”

(3): Article 43 of Law No. 2023-175 of March 10, 2023 relating to the acceleration of the production of renewable energies: Buildings or parts of buildings for commercial, industrial, artisanal or administrative use, buildings or parts of buildings used for offices or warehouses, hangars not open to the public subject to commercial exploitation, hospitals, sports, recreational and leisure facilities, buildings or parts of school and university buildings and covered parking lots accessible to the public with a footprint of at least 500 square metres must integrate either a renewable energy production process or a greening system.

Article of law valid for new buildings from July 1, 2023 and will be valid for all buildings in France from January 1, 2028.

About Sunrock
Sunrock is working with European companies, organisations, and governments on a bespoke energy strategy, and is the number one in large-scale solar roof and smart energy projects. From solar systems to smart batteries and from asset management to clear dashboards. Sunrock arranges it all: feasibility studies, subsidy applications, financing, and insurance. From the operation and management of solar parks to the utilisation of the clean energy generated by them. In 2012, Sunrock was established in the Netherlands as a start-up in solar energy for logistics real estate and has since grown to more than 135 employees in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France. Sunrock has realised 500 MWp of solar energy and an additional 1GWp in development. With an outspoken commitment to their ESG criteria they are on a clear mission: powering forward with their clients, towards a clean energy future.

Faits et chiffres clés

  • 1 in solar projects on large roofs
  • Specialist in photovoltaics on roofs for companies in the real estate and logistics sector
  • 5 million square metres of covered roofs in EuropeManaging Director France: Maarten de Haas
  • 2012: creation of Sunrock in the Netherlands
  • 2020: Acquisition by COFRA, a private Dutch group of companies active in a variety of sectors, from sustainable food to renewable energy
  • Since 2019:
    • 690 GWh of clean energy generated
    • 383,888 people benefit from clean energy
  • 160 employees in Europe
  • Offices in the Netherlands, Germany and France
  • References :
    • in France: AXA Investment Managers, Panattoni, Nuveen
    • in Europe: Patrizia, Delta Development, FlevoNice, Prologis, Port of Rotterdam

For more information, see the press release here.


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