Sunrock expands management team

Photo from left to right: Elisabeth Stevens (COO), Wessel Wisman (Exec. Dir. Energy & Assets), Otto Jager (CFO), Johannes Duijzer (CEO) and Hugo Willink (Exec. Dir. Development). Photo: Jeroen van der Horst.

Sunrock, the leading European developer of photovoltaic systems for large-area roofs, announces the expansion of its Executive Board: Hugo Willink and Wessel Wisman will each be responsible for one of the two divisions of the new company structure. This is in line with Sunrock’s expansion strategy.

Düsseldorf, 7th March 2024
Sunrock is strengthening its Executive Board, consisting of Johannes Duijzer (CEO), the recently appointed Otto Jager (CFO) and Elisabeth Stevens (COO), with Hugo Willink as Executive Director of Development and Wessel Wisman as Executive Director of Energy & Assets.

Hugo Willink and Wessel Wisman will each be responsible for one area of the new structure. Hugo Willink will be responsible for the Development division, which will build on the existing portfolio to develop new solar projects and smart clean energy solutions in Europe.

Wessel Wisman is responsible for the Energy & Assets division, which integrates the long-term monitoring, improvement, maintenance and coordination of all activities of the entire portfolio of solar roof systems in operation. This also includes trading the energy generated by the PV systems. Wessel Wisman was previously Director Operations at Sunrock and has many years of experience in the energy sector and in setting up and managing project management, procurement and technical departments. Before joining Sunrock, Wisman was Head of Projects at Stork, a mechanical and plant engineering company. He also worked at Frames, a company that develops and supplies systems and solutions for the international energy market. Wessel Wisman holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Delft University of Technology.

Hugo Willink has been with Sunrock since 2019, most recently as Managing Director at Sunrock Germany. He previously gained international experience and management expertise at the leading personnel service provider Randstad and the industrial plant manufacturer Worley. Willink’s expertise lies in strategy development and implementation, team development and driving business growth. He holds a Master of Science in Spatial and Environmental Economics from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Georg Brenninkmeijer succeeded him as the new Managing Director of Sunrock Germany on March 1, 2024.

Johannes Duijzer, CEO Sunrock, comments on the appointment of the two new members of the Executive Board as follows: “We are delighted that Hugo Willink and Wessel Wisman have joined our Executive Board. This puts us in an excellent position to drive our expansion strategy and expand our service portfolio. Beyond rooftop solar this includes smart solutions and energy trading as well as the expansion of asset management services. This team will enable us to provide our customers with even better support in achieving their sustainability goals and moving towards a clean energy future together.” Sunrock entered the German market in 2022 and has already successfully realised three projects in the past year. Sunrock recently opened its second branch in Germany and plans to expand further. Numerous projects are currently under development and further collaborations are being established.

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