The Sunrock Insights Portal: Empowering Your Digital Solar Journey

How can we generate new insights about the solar journey, so we can implement new and better ways to maximise impact? One powerful way is to collect and exchange data and information with our clients and partners. With our collective knowledge of facts and opportunities, we can work together to take better-informed action.

Corneline Sijtsema, product owner at Sunrock, explains how Sunrock’s Insights Portal helps to meet customers’ evolving needs.

In our rapidly evolving world, the digitalisation of all our operations is expanding at light speed. The variety of energy products and services will continue to grow. And operational contexts are becoming richer in technologies and interconnections. How can we keep an overview of what is going on with all these complex processes and data?

Sunrock’s Insights Portal facilitates our clients throughout all the steps in the process: from the feasibility phase to operational solar installations. The portal, in addition to our traditional communication channels, is a crucial hub. It will become increasingly essential for keeping information simple, effective and targeted to our customers’ and partners’ needs and queries.

Hearing the call
Sunrock believes in meeting customer needs and delivering top-quality service. Our customers told us they needed more transparency in their solar journey. The Sunrock Insights Portal enhances communication and provides visualised project and pan-European operational solar overviews. It also offers Energy Production information and ESG statistics, and delivers responses to customer inquiries.

The portal acts as a one-stop solution, enabling customers to track project planning, monitor PV system performance, access account information and find answers to frequently asked questions. It also offers project planning assistance, geographical maps of solar installations and CO2 and reduction impact metrics. While rolling out the solution, we have already received positive feedback from our clients.

Digital first
Only by embracing a digital-first approach can we become truly future-proof and cater to customer needs effectively. Through the Insights Portal, which is accessible 24/7, we provide a wealth of knowledge and resources that helps customers understand their solar energy requirements. By making informed decisions, customers take charge of their solar energy needs. When needed, they can partner with us for additional requests or requirements on tailor-made energy storage or energy management systems.

Showcasing our expertise and building a clean energy future together with our customers enables us to build trust and demonstrate our commitment to their success. This approach significantly reduces response times, increases customer satisfaction and fosters lasting relationships.

Advanced Insights
The Insights Portal, available to all our real estate partners in Europe, now offers enhanced functionalities tailored to meet the needs of both property owners and their tenants. Tenants in the Netherlands can now access specific information related to the PV park they lease from Sunrock, empowering them with valuable insights into the park’s solar energy production and contribution to sustainability efforts. We’re also in the process of extending this capability to tenants in Germany.

In addition, our other latest feature allows users to seamlessly visualise and download historical production data, providing stakeholders such as sustainability and asset managers with valuable tools for reporting and analysis. Users have the ability to export their production data in CSV format, facilitating easy data analysis and integration with external tools. These enhancements – along with other ongoing UX improvements, bug fixes, and upgraded notifications and search functionalities – reflect our commitment to continuously deliver greater value to all of our users.

The Insights Portal is already available in English, Dutch, German and now French. It’s the first mile of a long journey, during which Sunrock and our clients and partners will meet and build a better future together.

Get started today
For me, it’s really exciting to continue bringing the portal to life and add even more value for real estate owners and tenants. We find it important to maintain excellent contact with our customers about the portal and hear their feedback. So, get in touch with your Sunrock point of contact for a demo, to provide feedback or to set up your tailored dashboard and embark on a seamless solar journey toward a brighter tomorrow.

Insight written by

Corneline Sijtsema

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