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Are our actions to reduce climate change and mitigate its dangers actually just? Are they fair and accessible to all people? Do they support biodiversity and truly benefit the planet? These essential questions are at the heart of our work. Sunrock aims not only to help our clients achieve their ESG goals, but to make our own operations better and better, too.
As Sunrock’s ESG Manager, I contribute to these company goals, and work with many dedicated colleagues, clients, suppliers, financing partners, and our holding and sister companies to achieve our ESG vision. I’m proud to announce the publication of our 2022 ESG Report, which outlines our efforts so far, and provides insight into our future ambitions.
Making an impact
The report outlines Sunrock’s goal to optimize our positive impact in the world through our clean energy business activities. And our aim to do it in the most people- and planet-proof way possible. That means, in part, that the people and communities connected to our supply chain can benefit from our operations. One of the highlights of the report is that 80% of our suppliers have signed our Supplier Code of Conduct, and committed to making our supply chain better.
In addition to outlining our ESG ambitions and our accomplishments so far, the report also offers insights from our colleagues, for whom ESG plays an essential role. Read messages from a variety of colleagues from ESG working groups, who ensure that our ESG principles are a central focus of our work.
We also report on an array of ESG topics, such as diversity and inclusion, strengthening engagement between colleagues and management, supporting employee well-being, mitigating biodiversity issues and addressing supply chain human rights issues.
A team effort
Producing the ESG report was certainly a team effort. More than 20 Sunrock colleagues contributed to the report with insights, information, statistics, and stories that show the depth and breadth of our ESG efforts and ambitions.

I encourage you to download our report to learn more. But, perhaps more importantly, I invite our clients, suppliers, and all stakeholders to join forces with us to ensure that the energy transition is a just one – for everyone.

Insight written by

Manuella Bridgette Appiah

ESG Manager

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