Sunrock and PATRIZIA bring onstream one of Europe’s largest solar power rooftop installations at Rotterdam’s Maasvlakte logistics development

ROTTERDAM, July 6 – One of Europe’s largest solar power rooftop installations has been brought onstream by solar developer Sunrock on PATRIZIA’s 210,000 sqm Maasvlakte logistics development in Rotterdam’s harbour area. The project will deliver a major contribution to the Dutch government’s target of aligning with the EU’s ‘Green Deal’ and making the economy net carbon neutral by 2050, while also accounting for around half of the total solar power output of PATRIZIA’s Dutch logistics real estate portfolio. 

Sunrock has installed a 120,000 sqm photovoltaic (PV) system on the roof of the Maasvlakte logistics development with a capacity of 25 Megawatt peak (MWp) a year of clean energy, which is sufficient to meet the annual energy needs of approximately 8,000 households. 

The Sunrock and PATRIZIA solar energy partnership has the ambition to double the current 53 megawatt (MW) installed PV capacity across PATRIZIA’s 1.2 million sqm European logistics portfolio, which is now mainly concentrated in the Netherlands, as well as in Germany, France and Belgium. That expansion would bring PATRIZIA’s total solar power capacity to over 100 Megawattpeak (MWp), which is sufficient to power around 37,000 households

Emile Poort, PATRIZIA Country Head for the Netherlands, said: “When PATRIZIA acquired the Maasvlakte distribution centre development in 2021 for EUR 230 million, it was the biggest single Dutch logistics real estate deal by area on record. Now in our partnership with Sunrock, we have set a new sustainability benchmark with the largest single rooftop solar power installation in the Netherlands, and this is just the start of PATRIZIA’s pan-European renewable energy journey in the logistics sector. The wide rooftop areas and typically large site footprints of ‘big box’ logistics developments are ideal for the installation of PV systems. Our ambitious plans are just the tip of the iceberg, as the fast-expanding European logistics real estate industry rolls out its vast network of renewable energy production hubs, which will make a major contribution to the EU’s carbon-neutral targets and in the existential battle against climate change.” 

Rooftop PV systems have a key role to play in the energy transition, particularly in densely populated countries such as the Netherlands where development space is at a premium, and therefore, public and political support is higher.

A research study from the ENSPRESO Joint Research Centre of the European Commission concluded that there is the potential to install 570 Gigawatt peak (GWp) on the rooftops of large logistic real estate properties across Europe, which is estimated to be enough capacity to power 150 million households in Europe. Total net electricity generation in the EU in 2021 was 2,785 Terrawatthours (TWh), of which 32.8% was produced from renewable sources, including wind (13.7%), hydro (13.3%) and solar (5.8%), according to Eurostat. 

Johannes Duijzer, CEO of Sunrock, said: “We are rapidly expanding into Europe developing rooftop solar PV projects with our real estate partners. We bring the expertise from the Dutch market and gain traction in Germany, France, Belgium and the UK. Our partnership with PATRIZIA is instrumental in expanding our international reach across European markets. Solar power is the cheapest and most reliable form of energy which drives the transition to a clean energy future. Our rooftop solar PV projects are non-controversial and add to the quality of the underlying real estate. Furthermore it offers tenants better service and helps PATRIZIA reach their impact goals.“

PATRIZIA: A leading partner for global real assets

With operations around the world, PATRIZIA has been offering investment opportunities in real estate and infrastructure assets for institutional, semi-professional and private investors for 39 years. PATRIZIA manages more than EUR 58 billion in assets and employs over 1,000 professionals at 28 locations worldwide. PATRIZIA is making an impact since 1984 by helping children in need, since 1992 in close collaboration with Bunter Kreis (“colourful circle”) in Germany for aftercare of children with severe diseases and since 1999 through its support for the PATRIZIA Foundation. The PATRIZIA Foundation has helped around 280,000 children in need worldwide gain access to education and thus, has given them the chance of a better life over the last 24 years. You can find further information at

About Sunrock 

Sunrock is unstoppable.  We are working with European companies, organisations and governments on a bespoke energy strategy, and we are the number one in large scale solar projects. From solar systems to smart batteries and from asset management to clear dashboards.  Sunrock arranges it all; feasibility studies, subsidy applications, financing and insurance. From the operation and management of solar parks to the utilizing of the clean energy generated by them. 

In 2012, Sunrock was established in the Netherlands as a start-up in solar energy for logistics real estate.  Sunrock has been part of COFRA Holding since 2020 and has grown to more than 120 employees in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.  Sunrock has realised 500 MWP of solar energy and an additional 2GWp in development. With an outspoken commitment to our ESG criteria we are on a clear mission: powering forward with our clients, towards a a clean energy future.


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